Integrity Training Solutions is using a ticket based system to take client requests and changes.

If you haven't already spoken to us, please email and we will be happy to get you set up.

There are two approaches to logging a ticket, via email or via this portal.


Email is the easiest option and will allow you to send us email chains so we'll be able to read the background on the request.

All you need to do is email with details about your request, and it will log it straight into our system. You can also forward an email straight to this email and it will log the entire email chain too.

Via the Portal

This option is only available if you have created an account within this portal. Client's aren't able to directly sign up they must be sent an activation link by someone from Integrity Training Solutions.

1. First step is to log into your account from this portal ( ).

2. There are two buttons under the search bar, New Support Ticket and Check Ticket Status.

3. New Support Ticket will take you to a page to log your ticket. Include details on the request, any attachments, and click Submit.

4. Check Ticket Status, as the name suggests, allows you to view any tickets submitted to our portal (via email or the portal).

5. Clicking on a ticket will allow you to view the latest updates completed, who is working on it, and what the status is.

You may also add replies to the ticket, or close the ticket directly.

If you are experiencing any issues with trying to submit a ticket, please email